Russell E. Alexander II


Russell Earl Alexander II is an actor/singer currently residing in Lawrenceville, GA working at the Aurora Theatre. He is a recent graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, holding a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts.  He has been featured in productions with the University of Alabama at Birmingham as well as professional theatre companies like Red Mountain Theatre Company, Robin Givens' RSG & Company, and The Huron Playhouse. Click here to follow his journey through the world of Theatre!


Goosebumps the Musical     Brian Coleson                      Aurora Theatre              Jaclyn Hofmann

Abigail 1702                        John Brown (u/s)                  Aurora Theatre              Justin Anderson

In the Heights                     Ensemble/(Sonny u/s)           Aurora Theatre              Justin Anderson

Duluth Arts Fest

Occupants                          La ChiChi                           The Kennedy Center       Cynthia Levin    

A Chorus Line                     Richie                                The Huron Playhouse        Lisa Wiley

The Wiz                              Scarecrow                          Red Mountain Theatre    Rufus Bonds, Jr

Joy in the Morning               Skinny/Ensemble                RSG & Company              Robin Givens

The Mysteries of Love & Sex    Jonny                            Terrific New Theater        Barry Austin

EDUCATIONAL - The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Vinegar Tom                           Man, Doctor, Packer       UAB Theatre Mainstage         Luke Harlan

Spring Awakening                   Hanschen                      UAB Theatre Mainstage         Valerie Accetta

Stupid F***ing Bird                  Con                               UAB Theatre Mainstage         Dennis McLernon

Avenue Q                               Nicky                             UAB Theatre Mainstage         Valerie Accetta

Clybourne Park                       Kevin                             UAB Theatre Mainstage         Dennis McLernon

Urinetown: The Musical           Hot Blades Harry            UAB Theatre Mainstage         Valerie Accetta

Big Love                                 Giuliano                         UAB Theatre Mainstage         Karla Koskinen/                                                                                                                                    Rebecca Jones

Othello                                   Othello                          UAB Touring Co.                    Dennis McLernon

A Midsummer Night’s Dream    Lysander/Oberon            UAB Touring Co.                    Dennis McLernon

Disney Cabaret Tour               Myself                             UAB Touring Co.                    Valerie Accetta


University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

B.A. in Theatre Concentration: Performance (Fall 2016)

·       Acting - Dennis McLernon (Stanislavski Method) Karla Koskinen (Experimental Acting & Viewpoints)

·       Voice and Movement – Marlene Johnson (Alexander Technique, Laban Method, Archetypes)

·       Musical Theatre – Lexie Dorsett-Sharp, Valerie Accetta (Estill Method)

·       Directing– Karla Koskinen




*References available upon request*