Goosebumps the Musical     Brian Coleson                      Aurora Theatre              Jaclyn Hofmann

Abigail 1702                        John Brown (u/s)                  Aurora Theatre              Justin Anderson

In the Heights                     Ensemble/(Sonny u/s)           Aurora Theatre              Justin Anderson

Duluth Arts Fest

Occupants                          La ChiChi                           The Kennedy Center       Cynthia Levin    

A Chorus Line                     Richie                                The Huron Playhouse        Lisa Wiley

The Wiz                              Scarecrow                          Red Mountain Theatre    Rufus Bonds, Jr

Joy in the Morning               Skinny/Ensemble                RSG & Company              Robin Givens

The Mysteries of Love & Sex    Jonny                            Terrific New Theater        Barry Austin

EDUCATIONAL - The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Vinegar Tom                           Man, Doctor, Packer       UAB Theatre Mainstage         Luke Harlan

Spring Awakening                   Hanschen                      UAB Theatre Mainstage         Valerie Accetta

Stupid F***ing Bird                  Con                               UAB Theatre Mainstage         Dennis McLernon

Avenue Q                               Nicky                             UAB Theatre Mainstage         Valerie Accetta

Clybourne Park                       Kevin                             UAB Theatre Mainstage         Dennis McLernon

Urinetown: The Musical           Hot Blades Harry            UAB Theatre Mainstage         Valerie Accetta

Big Love                                 Giuliano                         UAB Theatre Mainstage         Karla Koskinen/                                                                                                                                    Rebecca Jones

Othello                                   Othello                          UAB Touring Co.                    Dennis McLernon

A Midsummer Night’s Dream    Lysander/Oberon            UAB Touring Co.                    Dennis McLernon

Disney Cabaret Tour               Myself                             UAB Touring Co.                    Valerie Accetta


University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

B.A. in Theatre Concentration: Performance (Fall 2016)

·       Acting - Dennis McLernon (Stanislavski Method) Karla Koskinen (Experimental Acting & Viewpoints)

·       Voice and Movement – Marlene Johnson (Alexander Technique, Laban Method, Archetypes)

·       Musical Theatre – Lexie Dorsett-Sharp, Valerie Accetta (Estill Method)

·       Directing– Karla Koskinen




*References available upon request*